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Charlotte Anne Duckworth

The utensils are made from sterling silver for its robust qualities. Paired with English Holly, a hard, durable wood. Coupling beautifully with the silver because of its creamy aesthetic.


Each piece of wood is locally sourced, and hand picked for the desired function. The silver is hallmarked in accordance with UK regulations and standards.


Each piece holds its own identity and personality, brought to life by the owner.

Rugged, magical utensils

sugar-pot-and-spoon-600x630ff Jam-honey-spoon-caddy-spoon1-600x630

Each piece is handmade start to finish by Charlotte.


Finding and foraging for wood, stripping and seasoning; designing and making the silver; joining the materials together. Sanding and waxing the wood.


Charlotte crafts these beautiful, functional products in her workshop in Bristol.