Elements: A Festival of Jewellery, Silver and Gold in Edinburgh
to Nov 10

Elements: A Festival of Jewellery, Silver and Gold in Edinburgh

My work will be shown at Elements with Hammerclub: Renewal.

Elements will take place from 8 – 10 November 2019 and will bring the finest UK-based designer-makers together for a selling fair, an exhibition, and a series of events.

Elements will be held in the stunning Lyon & Turnbull auction rooms in the heart of Edinburgh.

This event is presented by The Incorporation of Goldsmiths and Lyon & Turnbull.


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Hammerclub: Renewal
to Sep 13

Hammerclub: Renewal

The beauty, lustre and intrinsic value of silver have made it an object of admiration and aspiration across Europe. Today silversmiths continue to create astounding contemporary work that is highly desirable for its innovative design and level of craftsmanship.

This exhibition presents a selection of outstanding work by European silversmiths created over the past year bound together under the theme “Renewal”. The theme is inspired by the regeneration of Dundee, the host city for this year’s European Silversmiths Forum also known as HammerClub and first city on this exhibition’s UK tour.  

Formed in 2002, the HammerClub brings European silversmiths together annually in a different part of Europe, to celebrate the ancient practice of silversmithing and to explore and ensure its future. The HammerClub and the Goldsmiths’ Centre are dedicated to the future of the art and craft of silversmithing, and the vitality and variety of the works in Renewal prove how it continues to renew and remain relevant to contemporary culture and living.


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Hammerclub: Renewal: Dundee 2019
to Jun 29

Hammerclub: Renewal: Dundee 2019

My work has been chosen to be part of the Hammerclub exhibition ‘Renewal’

Inspired by Danish and German silversmiths, in 2002 the Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts initiated the HammerClub: an informal community to serve the craft of silversmithing. The "HammerClub - Platform for Silversmithing" took shape. Today silversmiths from various European countries and a wide range of silver enthusiasts are part of this community.

Annually the HammerClub Meetings are featured in renowned museums and with a wide range of topics in discussions and lectures. They are organized by volunteers from our own ranks. The common forging of a large work provides the opportunity for knowledge exchange. The audience gets attracted by the sound of hammers.

The central event is the competition with an exhibition in the host museum and the presentation of HammerClub Awards . With the support of sponsors it has become possible to award the winners with prizes of 1000 g, 600 g and 400 g sterling silver.

For more information visit: https://www.silberschmiede-forum.eu/hammerclub-meeting-dundee-2019/

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